Can Players Miss the Euro 2024 Final Due to Suspension?

As the Euro 2024 tournament progresses, teams are not only battling for a spot in the final but also trying to keep their key players available. One major concern is the possibility of players being suspended for the final due to accumulating yellow cards or receiving a red card in the semi-finals.

How Many Yellow Cards Lead to a Suspension?

According to UEFA’s rules for Euro 2024, a player who receives two yellow cards in different matches will be suspended for the next game.

However, the yellow card count is reset after the quarter-finals, meaning that players who were one booking away from suspension in the quarter-finals will have a clean slate entering the semi-finals.

What Happens if a Player Receives a Red Card?

If a player is sent off with a red card at any stage of the tournament, they will automatically be suspended for the next match. Depending on the severity of the offense, UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body may impose additional sanctions.

Can a Player Be Suspended for the Final?

Yes, a player can miss the Euro 2024 final due to suspension. If a player receives a red card in the semi-finals, they will be ineligible to play in the final.

However, players who were carrying a yellow card from previous rounds will not be suspended for the final based on yellow card accumulation, as the count is reset after the quarter-finals.

Which Players Are Suspended for the Euro 2024 Semi-Finals?

Spain will be without right-back Dani Carvajal for their semi-final clash against France. Carvajal was sent off in the quarter-final against Germany after receiving two yellow cards. Spain’s Robin Le Normand will also miss the semi-final due to a yellow card he received against Germany.

What Are the New Disciplinary Rules at Euro 2024?

UEFA has introduced new measures to crack down on disrespectful behavior towards officials. Only team captains are allowed to approach the referees to discuss decisions, and players who surround the officials will be shown a yellow card.

If the goalkeeper is the team captain, an outfield player can be nominated to communicate with the match officials.

Scenario Consequence
2 yellow cards in different matches 1-match suspension
4 yellow cards before quarter-finals 1-match suspension
Red card Automatic 1-match suspension, possible additional sanctions
Yellow cards reset After quarter-finals

The Euro 2024 tournament has reached its crucial stages, and teams are not only focused on winning but also on maintaining their full squad strength. The updated UEFA rules regarding yellow and red cards have added an extra layer of strategy and caution for the players and coaches.

As we approach the final, it remains to be seen if any key players will miss out on the chance to compete for the coveted trophy due to suspension.

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