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Clubhouse Attempts a Comeback

Remember Clubhouse? During the height of pandemic lockdowns, the invite-only social audio app experienced explosive month-to-month growth, only to fade from the public’s attention almost as quickly as a16z investors opened their wallets.

Now, creators attempting a major comeback. The company has just unveiled “the new Clubhouse,” introducing a fresh format known as “chats.”


In their blog post, Clubhouse describes a Chat as a fusion of your group texts and Instagram Stories, as if they met at the park, engaged in lengthy conversations, became best friends, and fell in love. While the analogy may be a bit cryptic, it does pack some enthusiasm. Essentially, Clubhouse chats create an asynchronous group experience for you and your friends, allowing you to send voice messages that resemble entries in an Instagram story rather than individual text messages. What sets it apart from iMessage or WhatsApp is that Clubhouse transcribes these voice messages.

Chats can be configured as either exclusive to friends or extended to friends of friends.

It’s worth noting that chats won’t replace the live audio rooms, which will continue to exist on this app. However, chats might encourage users to check in more frequently to hear from their friends, rather than tuning in solely for live conversations hosted by others.

This represents a crucial opportunity for Clubhouse to regain the spotlight after a prolonged period of challenges. In April, the company made significant staff cuts, and less than a year prior to that, they conducted another round of layoffs. Fortunately,they claims to have several years of financial runway left, but consumers may not be as patient in giving them chances to win back their loyalty.

To aggregate it up, Clubhouse stands out as a enthusiastic arrange that’s reshaping social interaction through live sound talks.Its inventive approach to encouraging real-time associations has gathered noteworthy consideration and is ceaselessly advancing, holding promise for long run of online communication. Because it extends and adjusts, it remains a stage of intrigued, giving particular openings for organizing, knowledge-sharing, and thought trade utilizing the medium of voice.

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