What Did Bungie Reveal About Destiny 2’s Next DLC, Echoes?

In a surprise showcase, Bungie lifted the lid on the next year of Destiny 2 content. While Destiny 3 was not announced, the studio revealed exciting details about the upcoming Echoes DLC and the game’s future.Echoes, the first of three new “Episodes” replacing the old seasonal model, will feature:

  • Vampire hunting
  • The return of the Dreadnaught, a fan-favorite location from Destiny 1
  • A mysterious new frontier, teased under the codename “Frontiers”

How Will Episodes Change Destiny 2’s Content Delivery?

The shift from seasons to episodes brings several key changes:

  • Episodes will be longer, standalone stories
  • Each episode will introduce new activities and expand on existing destinations
  • The new content cadence allows for larger, more frequent updates

According to game director Robbie Stevens, this new format enables the team to create more expansive content, like the “biggest Exotic mission ever” planned for Episode: Echoes, Act 3.

What’s Next for Destiny 2 After The Final Shape?

Bungie also teased what’s to come in Year 11, following the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga in The Final Shape expansion. The brief glimpse, labeled “Codename: Frontiers,” suggests:

  • A new expansion exploring uncharted territory, potentially beyond the solar system
  • Continued support for Destiny 2, rather than a full sequel
  • Possible new destinations, such as the Cabal homeworld, Torobatl

Will Echoes Introduce a New Darkness Subclass?

Speculation is rife about a potential new Darkness subclass in Echoes, with some key points fueling the discussion:

  • Echoes is bundled with The Final Shape, similar to how previous expansions were packaged with seasons
  • Leaked images suggest a red-themed subclass may have been in development
  • The lack of substantial subclass updates in The Final Shape has led some to believe a new subclass was pushed to Echoes

However, it’s important to note that this remains speculation, and Bungie has not confirmed any plans for a new subclass in Echoes.

Episode Release Date Confirmed Content
Echoes 2025 Vampire hunting, Dreadnaught return
Revenant TBA Scorn-focused content
Heresy TBA Hive-centric storyline


As Destiny 2 embarks on a new era beyond The Final Shape, Guardians have much to look forward to. With the promise of expanded destinations, engaging storylines, and the largest Exotic mission yet, Echoes and the upcoming episodes aim to deliver a fresh and exciting experience for players.

While the community eagerly awaits more details, one thing is certain: Destiny 2’s future looks bright.

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