Smurfit Kappa and WestRock Announce Merger Deal

Smurfit Kappa, a leading provider of paper-based packaging solutions, and WestRock, a prominent manufacturer of sustainable packaging products, have announced the completion of their merger deal. The transaction, which took effect on July 8, 2024, has resulted in the formation of a new entity named Smurfit WestRock.

What are the Key Terms of the Merger?

Under the agreement, WestRock shareholders will receive a combination of Smurfit WestRock shares and cash for each share of WestRock common stock they hold.

Smurfit Kappa shareholders will receive new shares in the combined company for each ordinary share they own. The ownership structure of Smurfit WestRock will be divided between Smurfit Kappa and WestRock shareholders.

How will Smurfit WestRock be Governed?

The combined company will be led by a management team that brings together the expertise and experience of both organizations. The Board of Directors will consist of representatives from both Smurfit Kappa and WestRock, ensuring a balanced governance structure.

Listing Details and Next Steps

Following the completion of the merger, Smurfit WestRock will be listed on major stock exchanges, allowing investors to trade shares in the combined company. The transaction was effected through a scheme of arrangement involving Smurfit Kappa and a merger of a subsidiary with WestRock.

What is the Strategic Rationale Behind the Merger?

The Boards of Smurfit Kappa and WestRock believe that the combination will create a global leader in sustainable packaging, offering several strategic advantages:

Advantage Description
Enhanced Product Portfolio Smurfit WestRock will offer a comprehensive range of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.
Expanded Global Reach The combined company will have a strong presence in key markets worldwide.
Commitment to Sustainability Smurfit WestRock aims to be at the forefront of sustainable packaging practices.

What are the Financial Benefits of the Merger?

The merger is expected to generate significant synergies and enhance the financial performance of the combined company. The Boards of both companies believe that the transaction will create value for shareholders in the short, medium, and long term.

Are there any Concerns Regarding the Merger?

Some shareholders have expressed reservations about the merger, questioning the strategic fit and potential compatibility issues between the two companies. However, the majority of stakeholders appear to support the transaction, recognizing its potential to create a global leader in sustainable packaging.


The merger between Smurfit Kappa and WestRock represents a significant development in the packaging industry. The newly formed Smurfit WestRock aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to become a global leader in sustainable packaging solutions.

While some concerns have been raised, the overall sentiment among stakeholders remains positive, as they anticipate the benefits that the combined company will bring to the market.

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