Visual Studio Code Update Previews Source Change Visualization, Initial Release Breaks on Older Macs

What’s New in the Latest Visual Studio Code Update?

The recent update to Visual Studio Code brings an exciting new feature: source change visualization. This enhancement allows developers to easily track and visualize changes made to their codebase over time.

With this tool, users can quickly identify modifications, additions, and deletions, streamlining the development process and improving collaboration among team members.

How Does Source Change Visualization Work?

Source change visualization in Visual Studio Code works by analyzing the version control history of a project. It highlights the lines of code that have been modified, added, or removed, using different colors to distinguish between the types of changes.

This visual representation makes it easier for developers to understand the evolution of their codebase and identify potential issues or areas that require attention.

Change Type Color
Modified Yellow
Added Green
Deleted Red

What Are the Benefits of Source Change Visualization?

The introduction of source change visualization in Visual Studio Code offers several benefits to developers:

  1. Enhanced Code Review: With the ability to visually track changes, code reviews become more efficient and effective. Reviewers can quickly identify the modifications made and focus their attention on the relevant parts of the codebase.
  2. Improved Collaboration: Source change visualization facilitates better collaboration among team members. Developers can easily see the contributions made by their colleagues and understand the progress of the project.
  3. Faster Debugging: When issues arise, source change visualization helps developers pinpoint the exact lines of code that have been modified, making it easier to identify and resolve bugs.

Compatibility Issues with Older Macs

While the source change visualization feature has generated excitement among developers, the initial release of the Visual Studio Code update has encountered compatibility issues with older Mac computers.

Users running macOS versions prior to Big Sur have reported instances of the application crashing or failing to launch after installing the update.

What Causes the Compatibility Issues?

The compatibility issues stem from changes in the underlying architecture of Visual Studio Code. The update relies on newer APIs and frameworks that are not fully supported by older versions of macOS. As a result, the application may encounter stability problems or fail to function correctly on these systems.

What Are the Affected Mac Models and OS Versions?

The compatibility issues primarily affect Mac computers running macOS versions older than Big Sur (11.0). This includes:

  • macOS Catalina (10.15)
  • macOS Mojave (10.14)
  • macOS High Sierra (10.13)
  • Earlier versions

Users with Mac models released before 2013 are more likely to encounter problems with the Visual Studio Code update.

Workarounds and Solutions

For users experiencing compatibility issues with the Visual Studio Code update on older Macs, there are a few potential workarounds and solutions:

  1. Rollback to a Previous Version: Users can uninstall the latest update and revert to a previous version of Visual Studio Code that is known to be stable on their system.
  2. Use Alternative Code Editors: While waiting for an official fix, affected users can consider using alternative code editors that offer similar features and are compatible with their older Mac systems.
  3. Upgrade macOS: If possible, users can consider upgrading their Mac to a newer version of macOS that is fully supported by the Visual Studio Code update. However, this may not be feasible for everyone, especially those with older hardware.


The latest Visual Studio Code update introduces an exciting source change visualization feature that enhances the development experience. However, the initial release has encountered compatibility issues with older Mac computers, causing crashes and launch failures.

While workarounds and solutions exist, affected users may need to wait for an official fix or consider alternative options in the meantime. Despite these challenges, the source change visualization feature holds great promise for improving code review, collaboration, and debugging processes in the future.

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